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Curtis Armstrong

Better Off Dead

Revenge of the Nerds

  • Revenge of the Nerds Movie Archive - not really any movies here, but there are some sounds and pics.  This is the original ROTN site.  Hasn't been updated in years though.


Other Curtis Armstrong-related Sites

  • The Chronicle - great stuff here.  Even Curtis Armstrong "Pig Boy" desktop wallpapers

  • The Chronicle @ - Very nice site here about The Chronicle, with comprehensive episode guides and even screen captures from the episodes!

  • Border to Border Web Site

  • The Harry Nilsson Web Pages - Curtis Armstrong is a big fan of this late musician.  He helps out at the annual Harryfest and with re-releases of Harry Nilsson works.  Lots of mentions on this site about Curtis Armstrong (you'll even find some pieces written by him), so check it out.

Other Sites of Interest