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3/9/2006 - Lots of Info. Sorry I've been neglecting all this!

Things I've missed updating on over the past....well, a long time:
Voice work Curtis has been doing/did do:

"Also upcoming or recently passed: Guest appearances on Injustice, Las Vegas and Grey's Anatomy; cameo in National Lampoon's Pucked, with Jon Bon Jovi; a sizeable supporting role in the new Akeela and the Bee, with Lawrence Fishburn and Angela Bassett; Southland Tales, with The Rock and Sarah Michelle Gellar; Searching For Mickey Fish, with Daniel Baldwin and Treat Williams; Smokin' Aces with Andy Garcia and Jeremy Piven; and I'll be doing a new pilot in a couple of weeks for Nicholas Meyer and David Zucker called 'Orpheus.'"

"The second Set of Moonlighting DVD's is also out, featuring a lot of extra interviews, including one done with Allyce Beasley and me. Coming up a similar re-release of Revenge of the Nerds, also with commentaries and interviews that I did with Bobby Carradine, Tim Busfield, Julie Montgomery and others. Also coming up is an E! Entertainment special about Moonlighting, which I was also interviewed for."
- Curtis

You may have also seen Curtis featured on VH1's top 100 teen stars.

5/10/2005 - New listings on IMDB.

Haven't confirmed these, but lists Curtis Armstrong as doing the voice of "Bugspit" on a new Disney Channel cartoon series called "The Buzz on Maggie".  It begins airing in June.  Check out the official site.

Curtis is also listed as appearing in the new Laurence Fishburne film "Akeelah and the Bee".  No site yet, but I saw the trailer this weekend before "Crash".  No Curtis Armstrong sighting though.

7/20/2004 - Trailer for "Ray" is online!! 

You can view the trailer here at Yahoo!  Curtis appears 4 times in the trailer.  Looks like he has a sizable role, and it looks like the movie could be a good one.

7/15/2004 - Curtis Armstrong is appearing as himself on an August 20th episode of Cartoon Network's Johnny Bravo.  He's being teamed up with Allyce Beasley in a Moonlighting Reunion of sorts.  Check your local listings.  More info here.  Thanks to the people at and for this info.

6/22/2004 - Curtis makes a cameo appearance in the new film Dodgeball: The Movie, currently the number 1 film in the country. This is a very funny movie.  Curtis plays the guy handing out the award for the Dodgeball Regionals competition.
Also, "Unchain My Heart" has been renamed to "Ray".  Of course, Ray Charles passed away recently. RIP.

5/12/2004 - Curtis Armstrong appears as himself on VH1's "Super Secret Movie Rules - Teen Sex Comedies".  
I think this may have premiered awhile ago but I'm really slow to catch this stuff.  Curtis appears several times and talks about Risky Business and Revenge of the Nerds.  Check the listings for an air time.  This of course follows up Curtis appearing on VH1's awesome "I Love the 80's Strikes Back".

"Unchain My Heart: The Ray Charles Story" is set to be released wide across the U.S. on October 29, 2004.  

1/14/2004 - Happy New Year!  This site is finally free of annoying ads!
In order to pay for the new ad-free webspace costs, I've decided to sell t-shirts and stuff (and failing that, out of my pocket).  Any money earned will only go to paying webspace costs, and anything above that will be donated to the American Diabetes Association.

Some information and pictures from "Conversations", the short film starring Curtis Armstrong, here and here.

The official site for "Quigley", starring Gary Busey and Curtis Armstrong is here.  It's available on VHS and DVD from their site.  I believe this movie involves Gary Busey becoming a dog??

"Irish Eyes" official site is here.  No news on a release date.  It looks like it could be pretty good.

9/18/2003 - Here's some updates on Curtis Armstrong's latest projects:
Ben Rock of Neptune Entertainment, Inc. sent me this information:
I thought you and yours might be interested to know of a BRAND NEW film STARRING Curtis Armstrong.  That's right, ask him.  He did it.  It's not a feature, it's a short film (appx 15 minutes) and we're putting the finishing touches on it right now.  We just sent it in to Sundance last week.

It's called "Conversations," and it's a dark character study starring Curtis as a lonely small-town undertaker who is able to talk to the dead -- so he starts killing people he'd like to talk to.

He was great to work with, and he roundly gets high marks from people to whom we've shown the film so far.  His performance is creepy, haunting, and (because it's him) LIKABLE." 
Thanks so much for the info Ben!

I also have some information about the feature film "Unchain My Heart".  The film is about the life of Ray Charles, and Curtis will be playing Ahmet Ertegun, the famed producer and co-founder of Atlantic Records.  I'm not aware of any release dates yet, but it probably won't be until 2004.  You can read more about the film here, and more about Mr. Ertegun here.

7/8/2003 - Received this news from Curtis the other day:
"The film I've been shooting in New Orleans, Unchain My Heart, went very well.  It should be out next winter.  Definitely a different role for me!
I also just finished a short horror film with one of the Blair Witch Project team.  It will hopefully be making the festival rounds.  It's called 'Conversations'."

Other updates: I've added DVD release information to the "Reviews" section of the site.  It's not exactly reviews, but that section has been empty for such a long time...   Pick up the "One Crazy Summer" DVD if you can.  It's got audio commentary by Curtis, along with "Savage" Steve Holland and Bobcat Goldthwait.

7/3/2003 - I found this question while playing the new Trivial Pusuit: Millenium Edition game:  
"What Curtis Armstrong character spent most of the time in Revenge of the Nerds movies with his finger up his nose?"
Hmmmm, who could it be? (Although "most of the time" isn't really true)

4/15/2003 - A new Revenge of the Nerds site?  It looks like it's on the verge of happening.  Let's hope...   -

4/2/2003 - A site called is selling "Revenge of the Nerds" t-shirts.  Two of them have Curtis Armstrong on them.  They look like cheapie iron-on things to me but I could be wrong.  Check it out here:

I missed Curtis Armstrong in the Batman and Robin reunion movie, I didn't realize he was in it.  It can be tricky finding out what's going on, or maybe I'm just far too inattentive.  There are some new movies listed on the Internet Movie Database as well.

9/11/2002 - Curtis is the subject of a "Where are they now?" article!  You can check it out here.  Most interesting new news from it is that he is working on a new computer-animated series called "Noz and Grak: Alien Abductors".

5/22/2002 - The people at David and (which has quickly become the definitive Moonlighting site on the web, have posted a great interview with Curtis Armstrong.  You can read it here.  The interview mostly discusses his work on Moonlighting, obviously.

4/23/2002 - Some great new stuff courtesy of Megan Collier:  There are two new interviews with Curtis Armstrong.  You can read them here and here.  Also, Megan reports on the Curtis death scene in "Project Viper" for those who haven't seen it.)  SPOILER WARNING!
"The way it happened is Curtis's car breaks down.  He stops opens the hood of his car and he sees this weird grey thing slithering all around and all of a sudden it jumps down his throat! Well a policeman stops and goes up to him, and Curtis is kind of moaning and groaning and making this strange noise.  The policeman asks him if he's stoned.  Well after he said that Viper jumps out of his body (from alot of different places and directions) and goes through the policeman's stomach.  Curtis was right..,it is rather gruesome." - Megan Collier
Thanks Megan!  Hopefully Sci-Fi will air this again or maybe it will even be released on video.  You never know.

4/16/2002 - "Project Viper", co-starring Curtis Armstrong, will be premiering on The Sci-Fi Channel, April 20 @ 9pm ET.  

2/08/2002- Curtis has recently been at work on an episode of 'Crossing Jordan' and The Baha Men's video for their latest single, which he describes as "Revenge of the Nerds-inspired".  No word yet on when the former will air and when the latter will be released.

2/04/2002- First, the good news.  Curtis Armstrong will be reprising his role on "Ed", airing on NBC, airing this Wednesday, 2/6.  So watch it.  Next, the bad news.  The Sci-Fi Network has cancelled "The Chronicle".  Visit their site and let them know what you think of their decision. 

1/29/2002-  Curtis appears in the movie "Gale Force", starring Treat Williams and Michael Dudikoff, released on video and DVD this month.  Look for it in your local video store.  It's also available at
More news:
"'Irish Eyes Are Crying' was still being edited when I last spoke to the director just before Christmas. 'Viper'---or 'Project Viper' or whatever they're calling it was a movie I made year before last---a horror/action thing with Theresa Russell. If it ever is released, I imagine it will be direct to video. (I do die a marvelously gruesome death in it, though, I must say.)....
I also just completed my second episode of "Ed", which should air in a few weeks."
  - Curtis Armstrong
Watch this space.


IMPORTANT:  Watch "The Chronicle" on the Sci-Fi Network!.  Fridays, 9pm EST.  Curtis Armstrong plays Sal, "The Pig Boy".  Go here to get all the info you need: Click Here

Catch "Moonlighting" on BRAVO every weekday at 2pm EST!

- "The Chronicle", Curtis Armstrong's newest show which premiered on the Sci-Fi network this season. Anyway, I never got to watch it since I only have very basic cable. Catch it if it's on guys. I'll try to get more information and post it. What else? Hmmm, check out the excellent interview with Curtis Armstrong at Also, this is very very old news but the Shanghai Noon dvd contains Curtis Armstrong's deleted scenes in it. This site will hopefully be going through another makeover since I think it looks awful and I have a few new authoring tools at my disposal now. Thanks to all the people who posted on the message board and guestbook, basically keeping this site alive.  

11/28/00-Okay, here's a little badly kept secret for you. You can e-mail Curtis at Please don't abuse this. Keep it friendly and intelligent, and obviously there's no guarantee that he'll e-mail back. Thanks. Oh, sorry about the guestbook. I'm not sure why it no longer works. I'll fix it shortly.  

2/18/00 -Curtis recently appeared on "Ally McBeal" (2/7), episode number 3.11.

-Safety Patrol has recently been released on video, priced for rental.

9/24/99 -Curtis has just appeared on the season premiere of "Third Rock From the Sun" on Sept. 21st as an investigative reporter. Last season he could be seen on a three episode run of 'Felicity' and as a war memorabilia store owner on the short-lived 'Brimstone'.

-Curtis will also be appearing in the new Jackie Chan film, 'Shanghai Noon', which will be released sometime next year.

-Outside of film and television, Curtis has recently co-produced the 25th Anniversary release of the Harry Nilsson album "Pussy Cats". He selected the bonus tracks and wrote the liner notes for the album, and is very pleased to say that he thinks he'll be doing the work on the entire series of Harry Nilsson re-releases. So if you're a fan of Harry Nilsson and/or Curtis Armstrong, I suggest you check it out.

Old but interesting news:

I've never tried this, but suppposedly you can order a Greasy Tony's t-shirt from:
Attn: Greasy Tony's
921 East University
Tempe, AZ 85281
Yep, it's a real restaurant.
I guess they aren't the same design (haven't seen them, so I don't know). Send an $11.00 cashier's check...Comes in white or neon green print on black shirt, sizes S, M, L, XL. (Info courtesy of Jana)
*This info was current as of 11/98, so the prices may have changed.