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Revenge of the Nerds

"Call me Booger" (20 Kb)

The legendary belch. (79 Kb)

"I say we blow the f*ers up." (35 Kb)

"...She's not that kind of a girl...."
"Why, does she have a Penis?"
(86 Kb)

"I want bush. Pan down." (27 Kb)

"We've got bush! We've got bush!!. (People have been bugging me for it, so here it is.)" (48 Kb)

"I think I have a frush."
"What the f*ck is a frush?"
(97 Kb)

"What the f*ck are robstercraws?" (38 Kb)

Revenge of the Nerds II: Nerds in Paradise

"My name is Dudley Dawson. They call me...Booger."
(35 Kb)

"Excuse me Miss? I just want you to know that I don't intend to sleep with another woman until I'm back here in your arms with my head resting between your creamy thighs."
(84 Kb)

"We're VIP's."
"Very Immense Penises"
(37 Kb)

"Ogre, you swine! You may have dragged us out here but there's no way you're making me stay in that cabin another minute!"
(116 Kb)

"Look at the size of those coconuts!"
(22 Kb)

"Anybody know how to say bite my crank in Spanish?"
(41 Kb)

"So you wanna get funky or what?"
(18 Kb)

Better Off Dead

The legendary laughing scene.
(278 Kb)

"You'd make a fine little helper, what's your name?"
"Charles de Mar."
"Shut up Geek."
(68 Kb)

"I've been going to this high school for 7 1/2 years. I'm no dummy."

"Go that way really fast. If something gets in your way, turn."
(71 Kb)

"Lane, what are you doing?"
"Yes you are."
(62 Kb)

"Dying when you're not really sick is really sick, you know? Really!"
(76 Kb)

"I think I froze the left half of my brain! Look, I can't move my right arm!"
(137 Kb)

One Crazy Summer

"Do you realize that for every lost, mangled doll, there's a little girl with a broken heart?"
(62 Kb)

"George!! Take cover!!"
(57 Kb)

"Without a plan there's no attack. Without attack, no victory."
(65 Kb)

"Egg, were you the little fat boy?"
Bobcat Goldthwait and Curtis Armstrong.  A must download. (148 Kb)

Risky Business

"Every now and then say 'what the f*ck'. What the f*ck gives you freedom.  Freedom brings opportunity. Opportunity makes your future."
(117 Kb)

"What about exploring your dark side and all that, or was that just bullsh*t?"
"That was just bullsh*t Joel."
(69 Kb)

Miles leaves a message for a call girl.
(68 Kb)

"I don't believe this. I've got a trig midterm tomorrow and I'm being chased by Guido the killer pimp."
(45 Kb)

Big Bully

Curtis Armstrong as the stressed out teacher, talking to himself.
(86 Kb)

"You're making me very nervous!"
(13 Kb)

Border to Border
These sounds are courtesy of CoweyHere

"I don't believe this!"
(52 Kb)

"Did you know that that was just the first couple of bricks in my cathedral of pain?"
(215 Kb)

"I have been life's little doody diaper."
(94 Kb)

"I'm still peeing this...militant, angry pee!"
(136 Kb)

(53 Kb)

"Psycho...with a capital C."
(169 Kb)

"Right now I own a million shares in the stockmarket of f*cked up luck. I need jokes like I need dry heaves!"
(123 Kb)

3rd Rock From the Sun

"This is it?  This is the alien baby?  You didn't even give him any little pointy ears?"
(130 Kb)

"I know your story.  You met a guy.  You were beamed up.  You got probed.  Oh, and don't tell me.  There was alcohol involved." (142 Kb)

"Do you even read our newspaper?" (49 Kb)